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Robin Coss Aviation conducted the research, development and concept testing of a new patient litter, litter receiver, base unit and customised interiors for both fixed and rotor wing aircraft.


Several RCA Aero Medical Life Support Systems are already successfully in service with the SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service and other independent EMS operators in South Africa.

RCA is in a unique position to offer a cost effective, quality product of international standard to all aero-medical operators, emergency air rescue services and operators in the military environment.

RCA recently attained SACAA Supplemental Type Certification for the AW119 Advanced Life Support System. This is a single unit attached to the aircraft floor via the existing seat attachment points

The system consists of a base unit with two to three drawers for medical supplies, swivel unit with litter receiver, stretcher / litter unit, optional roof paneling with oxygen and electrical outlets as well as cargo mounting rails for medical equipment, 2 X 28 Volt DC outlets and optional vacuum pump.


The medical unit replaces the aft facing cabin seat with paramedic seating for two persons and one existing forward facing seat for doctor or winch man.


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